Hi! my name is Adiel..(ah dee ehl) I am 21. Cuban. Miami-
I post SEX, and all things GAY so if these things offend you this is not the blog for you.

Today is one of those days where im just laying in bed and think about becoming a stripper.

I could go for some birthday sex

or atleast sum birthday bj…

Did not know today was Daylight Savings Time

thought i had blacked out for an hour when i looked at the time. or was going insane.

I cant…

Only on tumblr do people take a half naked picture at 1:27 am to tell people that you are kinda drunk(whatever the fuck that means) and to follow your instagram -___- you.fucking.little.whore.

im so cute

sending people i follow sweet messages. 

My dashboard consists of
  • 5% anime
  • 75% gay porn
  • 5% fashion
  • 5% funny gifs
  • 10% hots guys/gay porn